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The Interstellar Feller is Don X. Nguyen


Don holding his first telescope, a Celestron 4SE
Holding my first telescope, my beloved Celestron 4SE

My astrophotography journey started in 2018 when I cashed in ten years worth of quarters I had been hoarding and purchased my first telescope, a Celestron 4SE.

Standing there on my balcony in light polluted NYC, I took my first astrophoto by holding up my iPhone to the eyepiece of my telescope and took a blurry shot of the moon. I was hooked.

I soon upgraded to a smartphone holder and then a dedicated planetary camera by ZWO (120MC). I discovered the amateur astrophotography community on YouTube and devoured all the videos from people like Trevor from AstroBackyard, Dylan O’Donnell, Nico Carver of Nebula Photos just to name a few.
It was only a few months into my newfound hobby that I took the plunge into deep sky astrophotography.

I went all in and bought a William Optics Redcat 51 and skywatcher eqm-35 pro mount. I added a zwo 294-mc pro cooled camera and zwo 120 mini guide camera. My first attempt at deep sky astrophotography was in Maine and it was a complete fail. But I’m happy to say that after five years of doing this, I sort of gotten the hang of it.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy viewing my photos. Everyone has their own journey into astrophotography. This is mine. Wherever you’re from, I sincerely wish you clear skies ahead!